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Strategic eHealth Programme

Fran Thompson

Fran Thompson is the Programme Director for the Strategic e-Health Programme for the Office of the CIO. Fran has over 25 years health ICT leadership experience. He has a comprehensive understanding and practical application of transformation and change management within the health sector. He has been involved with all aspects of the ICT lifecycle, leading various projects and programmes including Hospital Administration and Hospital Clinical systems, Primary Care messaging solutions and Health Finance solutions. Fran was responsible for the creation and set up of the ICT Project Management Office within the HSE.

Fran has the responsibility for delivering a number of key strategic e-Health programmes, these include the Electronic Health Record for the country and the                                                                     Individual Health Identifier.

Strategic eHealth Programmes:

Electronic Health Record Programme

The Electronic Health Record programme has been identified as a key capability requirement for the future of healthcare. It is a cornerstone of the eHealth Strategy and a key component of the Knowledge and Information Plan. Its vision is to develop a patient-centric longitudinal record for all clinical information which is available to all health and social care professionals and patients. While technology solutions are a key component, there will be a primary focus on how clinicians and administrative staff work with the technology in a way that aligns with and underpins the ambition for the integrated care and other national programmes.

Individual Health Identifier

In July 2014, the Health Identifiers Act was enacted to allow for the “establishment and maintenance of” a National Register of Individual Health Identifiers and a National Register of Health Service Providers Identifiers.

The Individual Health Identifier programme will deliver a national register of individual service users of Health and Social Care. It will ensure that the appropriate technical infrastructure and technical interfaces are in place both within the HSE and external partners.