OoCIO Staff Updates

Updates for Office of the CIO Staff

Latest message from Fran Thompson to OoCIO Staff:

Overtime Claims for OoCIO Staff

Staff who usually claim IT Out Of Hours please contact Lorraine McKenna at hseit.ooh@gmail.com
All other approved overtime claims for live SAP Payrolls can be submitted to your local Business Operations Team as follows:
**Important: If claiming through any of the below areas please contact beforehand to use the temporary approved claims form**

**Note: The South Payroll deadline for the next pay period was 24/05 so staff should hold off submitting forms for one week until we know more about the restoration of services

OoCIO HR Recruitment

Following the cyber security attack on HSE IT Systems, and while the taskforce are working on bringing services backup, the HR Team for the OoCIO are available to deal with any queries you may have.  
Should your query be in relation to a recruitment campaign, interviews or a start date please contact the Recruitment Team on any of the following numbers below: 
Name: Contact Number: 
Sabina Battersby0876679251
Jasmine Mooney0876751244
Elaine O'Donoghue0871829201
Maria Walsh0873611364
Alex Redmond0877780647
Sam Ryan0876063117
Tom Smith0873741648
Sandra Reilly 0871191162
Christina O'Donoghue0872863062

Employee Relations

Should your query be in relation to employee relation please contact: 

Allyson Donnelly 0871638629
Nicola Butler0874113640

OoCIO Training & Development

Due to the ransomware attack, all scheduled training has been postponed.
If you have been offered a place on an upcoming programme, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact at the email or numbers below:
Contact Details:
email: oociotraining@gmail.com 
Mobile: 087-4423804

Access to Video Platforms for Healthcare Consultations

AttendAnywhere (AA) video platform is now available to use on your decrypted HSE device when connected to the network at a HSE location.
  • Type the URL into your browser address bar https://consult.attendanywhere.co.uk/login
  • or use a saved shortcut link
Please note, there may be a short delay for background scan when you type in the address bar (approx 30 secs)

Attend Anywhere  https://consult.attendanywhere.co.uk/login

Support contact information:

Application support:01 485 1130  
HSE support : Emer - 087 1445 787
 Shirley - 087 444 5024

Cisco WebEx https://signin.webex.com

Support contact information:

HSE support: Lisa - 087 176 6783
 Sean - 087 829 1845

Blue Eye  https://hse.blueeye.video/login

Support contact information: 

Application Support: support@blueeye.video
HSE support: Subhajit - 087 6237 528

**This arrangement is only valid for the duration of the current constraints imposed upon the HSE by the current ransomware attack

OoCIO Communications Team

To contact the Communications team please email: communications.oocio@gmail.com


Further Information on Health Services Staff Updates

Published: 20th May 2021

Updated: 11th June 2021