SNOMED Vendor Engagement Day

SNOMED Vendor Engagement Day


SNOMED NRC Project team

The SNOMED National Release Centre (NRC) held the first vendor engagement day on February 14th in Dr Steevens Hospital. The event, attended by 70 people, was set up in order to serve as an interface between SNOMED International and the national users and affiliates as well as other members. The establishment of the NRC, the responsibility of Theresa Barry in Enterprise Architecture, is part of a wider process to create awareness of SNOMED CT and its benefits.


  • Is the most comprehensive, multilingual clinical healthcare terminology in the world.
  • Is a resource with comprehensive, scientifically validated clinical content.
  • Enables consistent, processable representation of clinical content in electronic health records.
  • Is mapped to other international standards.
  • Is already used in more than fifty countries.

When implemented in software applications, SNOMED CT can be used to represent clinically relevant information consistently, reliably and comprehensively as an integral part of producing electronic health record (EHR) information. The use of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) improves communication and increases the availability of relevant information. There are some further engagement activities planned for 2018 and there will be education and training made available in Q3 of this year.

For more detailed information on the day and the SNOMED project please see the Case Study by clicking here.

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