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CHO1 Physio, Moya's Story - Listen to Moya's experience of using AttendAnywhere here

Olivia Kelly, Senior Community Dietitian in CHO8 gives us her experiences of using AttendAnywhere

Service user testimonials have been hugely positive and here are some that have been received regarding AttendAnywhere:


  • One service user from Donegal said “The video call was very good. It gave me reassurance that I was doing the exercises correctly and helped me feel more confident. I wouldn’t have been able to see the physio otherwise, because the department is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.”

  • Another said “It was helpful that the physio could see me doing my exercises, I found it very good.”

  • And a service users daughter commented  "Very beneficial, as the physio could see my mother in her home and was able to identify some of the issues she would have such as a step between two rooms, a chair causing an obstruction and mats on the floor that might be a trip hazard."

  • Dr Albert Okoye, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Waterford CAMHS, SECH.
    AttendAnywhere has been a good addition to the service, and the concept of Virtual Consultations is a very useful one in psychiatry. Whilst other online platforms have delivered slightly clearer audio and video, the service users seem positive about their experience with AttendAnywhere and the Waiting Room facility has worked well and this wasn’t easily available in other platforms. As a clinician I appreciate the support offered by the service to run Virtual Clinics, and this has assisted me in having as many clinical contacts as possible, a significant number of which are now virtual, when clinically appropriate.  Importantly it is easy to schedule quick appointments, with less logistics in terms of room availability, travel and so on, and AttendAnywhere offers an effective alternative to face to face appointments required at short notice. This allows for responsive brief interventions when needed by patients and families, and can avoid long waiting times for appointments. Overall I would commend the service for making this available, and recommend that clinicians give AttendAnywhere serious consideration.