S.O.P.'s & Governance

S.O.P.'s & Governance

Sample S.O.P.s:

The following sample Standard Operating Procedures may assist you in creating one for your own area:

Audiology Attend Anywhere SOP

HSE Virtual Health - Readiness Assessment checklist.docx (size 150.5 KB)

HSE Procedure for Management of Virtual OP Clinics - Hospitals SOP V2.pdf (size 450 KB)

HSE National Healthcare Communication Pgm - Covid19 Toolkit.pdf (size 249.7 KB)

AA Learning Log Template.docx (size 15.2 KB)


The National COVID-19 Telehealth Steering Committee has approved various solutions, made available during the pandemic, to support communication and collaboration across the health service and one of these solutions is AttendAnywhere.

Usage should comply with HSE IT policy and standards (PDF) and the document Secure Video and Audio Clinical Consultations: Clinical Aspects During the Emergency Measures to address Covid 19 (PDF) may be of use.

Use of video conferencing must comply with HSE IT policy and standards (PDF)

Governance is outlined in the following documents.