Video Enabled Care (VEC)

Video Enabled Care (VEC)

This is a web-based solution that helps healthcare providers offer video call access to their services as part of business as usual operations. Video facilitates an alternative option of healthcare supporting patient centred care.


The programme has three projects underway in this element:

  • COVID 19 Video Enabled Care solution
  • VEC Hardware Deployment
  • Procurement of National Video Communication Tool Framework


The introduction of video enabled care within HSE services provides multiple benefits across a wide range of stakeholders.

Service user

  • Improved accessibility.
  • More choice.
  • Reduces transport or travel difficulties.
  • Less time waste, travel and carbon footprint.
  • Less cost.
  • Reduces time off work, school and other responsibilities.
  • Reduces further burdening to physical or mental health issues i.e. less exposure to infection risk, excessive travel, pain exacerbation.

Healthcare provider

  • Saves time and travel attending clinics at different sites.
  • Allows healthcare providers to link up with other providers and run multidisciplinary meetings and appointments.
  • Enables health care providers to work from their own home when needed, improving work-life balance.


  • Creates Virtual Capacity
  • Aids Integrated Care
  • Less Hospital Admissions
  • Early Discharge