Telehealth Programme Overview

Telehealth Programme Overview


Telehealth is the "delivery of health care services, where patients and providers are separated by distance. Telehealth uses ICT for the exchange of information for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries, research and evaluation, and for the continuing education of health professionals” WHO 2020

In 2013, telehealth was identified within the eHealth Strategy as one of the priority programmes to progress. In 2017, telehealth was included as planned for implementation within the Slaintecare report.

In 2020, the COVID19 pandemic challenged the HSE to deliver care in new and innovative ways, creating an urgent need for services to be provided remotely. The eHealth Telehealth Programme was established to enable the procurement, configuration and deployment of approved tools nationally.

Adoption of telehealth has accelerated over the last number of years across acute services and community in Ireland.  The programme has been gaining momentum steadily with new telehealth project requests being submitted continually.


The eHealth Telehealth Programme strives to enable the delivery of blended care using technology where service users and healthcare providers are separated by distance.

We are working to procure approved frameworks of telehealth solutions and the further configuration and implementation of these.  This will ensure consistency and continuity in the use of telehealth for healthcare providers and service users across all HSE services nationally.

Telehealth can be grouped into three elements. Please click on the links to read more about each element:

Cooperation And Working Together (CAWT)

Cooperation And Working Together (CAWT) is a partnership between the Health and Social Care Services in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which facilitates cross border collaborative working in health and social care, established for over 25 years.  The HSE supports this partnership with financial and personnel resources on an ongoing basis.