Community Health

Community Health

The new infrastructures will improve the experience of service users and the effectiveness of our frontline services.  

Drivers for Community Health Programmes and Projects



2022 Capital Plan

Integrated Community Case Management System (ICCMS)

Among the many Programmes and Projects ongoing a key priority at present is the delivery of an integrated community case management system (ICCMS) which will be at the core of community ICT solutions. Initial implementation is planned for early 2023 – this will support the following:

  • improved service user care and experience such as referral management, appointment scheduling, triage and waiting list management
  • case management and integrated working
  • workload and team management
  • operational management and strategic decision making

Ongoing projects:

  1. Specialised Care Services - Clinical Management System (SCS-CMS) for the National Forensics Mental Health Services and the National Rehabilitation Hospital
  2. Continued implementation of the InterRAI Assessment Tool (Momentum System)
  3. Home Support, Residential Care and replacement of NHSS (Fair Deal System)
  4. ePrescribing
  5. Chronic Disease Management Phase 2

Various other smaller projects including some procurements

Projects which proceed will depend on the Capital Plan Amount Approved