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Hazel Chappell

Hazel ChappellHazel Chappell

Hazel has 11 years’ experience working across various private and public healthcare settings within Primary Care, Community, Healthcare Insurance and Acute environments. Hazel’s passion to improve patient care brings to life leading transformation and change initiatives, enabled by technology, with clinicians, senior healthcare practitioners and on the ground staff.

 As a Director and Founder at Cartron Consulting, a sought after independent advisory and consulting organisation, Hazel brings a wealth of knowledge across healthcare technology at many levels. She sits on boards across Mental Health,  Public Health England Data Intelligence Group and has led a prominent UK cross sector healthcare technology National User Group. Her network extends across Health and Social Care settings and solutions in the UK, Scotland and Ireland. She has specific interests in safeguarding, information sharing, informatics, e-prescribing and the Open Electronic Health Record initiative.

 Hazel is Irish, a mum, a wife, passionate rugby and hockey follower and loves a social occasion