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Dr Barry Heavey

Dr Barry HeaveyDr Barry Heavey

Dr Barry Heavey has been a member of IDA Ireland’s executive leadership team since 2012.

Dr Heavey is also Head of Life Sciences for IDA Ireland, responsible for attracting foreign direct investment to Ireland in the biopharma, pharma, medical devices, food and healthcare services sectors.

Barry sits on the Board of Directors of Ireland’s National Institute for Bioprocess Research and Training (NIBRT), a centre dedicated to the support of the growing biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector in Ireland. 

His various roles in IDA Ireland have included Head of R&D Policy as well as three years based in the US as SVP Life Sciences (R&D).

Barry joined IDA in 2006 from the UK company Stem Cell Sciences Ltd, where he was Business Development Officer.  

Barry was the recipient of a BBSRC (Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council) fellowship for postdoctoral research at Edinburgh University and also completed an MBA at the University of Edinburgh Management School. 

Barry’s PhD is in Genetics and was awarded by the Institute for Molecular Pathology in Vienna.

He is married with three children.