Specialist Forms

Specialist eReferral Forms

A specialist eReferral form is one where additional required data fields over and above the HIQA approved general eReferral form to provide the receiving clinician with more speciality specific information in order to improve the patient triage process.  For example, the new National Ophthalmology eReferral form has 6 additional mandatory questions such as affected eye(s), is vision affected, symptom duration, onset and best visual acuity.

Developing a specialist referral form is a time and resources intensive activity.  It is important to have engagement and commitment from local GPs/Liaison Groups to participate in the form definition.  The following selection checklist is used to prioritise form development:


  • Nationally Agreed Referral Form (existing or in development)
  • ICGP Quality in Practice Committee Approved
  • Clinical (National lead or nominee) and management buy-in
  • Pilot site identified
  • Project team identified

Pilot Process Stages

Speciality eReferral Development Process

  1. Setup
  2. Form Definition 
  3. ICGP QIP Approval
  4. Pilot
  5. Pilot review 
  6. Go Live at Pilot site
  7. National Rollout