Information for Health Service Providers

Information for Health Service Providers

logoThe Individual Health Identifier

An individual number that uniquely and safely identifies each person


The Individual Health Identifier (IHI) is being introduced in our Health Services.  The IHI supports patient safety by ensuring that the right person is identified and the correct information is associated with every person at the point of care.

A central IHI Register in the HSE contains records of every individual who has used or is using a health or social care service in Ireland.

Your local system will connect to this register to find the unique IHI number for each individual.

The IHI number will be recorded on all medical records for the individual and will look something like this:  


If the individual cannot be identified uniquely, no IHI number will be provided and you may need to contact the IHI Service.

The IHI record is a combination of the patient’s IHI number and other personal information that is used to identify the patient. 

IHI graphic

The following 4 mandatory identifying details must be correct on your system:

graph 2

In addition, the following optional identifying information will greatly improve the chance of finding an IHI number:


For more information on the IHI, contact your IHI Business Service:


The IHI is part of a programme of investment in healthcare technology from eHealth Ireland and the HSE.