Cancer Care eHealth Programme - Progress

Following on from approval of the Business Case a multi-disciplinary steering group for the Medical Oncology Clinical Information System Project (MOCIS) has been established under the sponsorship of the Director of the National Cancer Control Programme, CIO, and Director of the Acute Hospitals.

The MOCIS Project Steering Group oversees a number of sub-groups involved in the project stages.

  Cancer Control Table                     

The MOCIS Procurement Evaluation Group have detailed the system requirements (SOR) and, following approval by the Steering Group and Office of Government CIO, an Invitation to Tender (ITT) was issued on 20th January 2016.

An Information Governance Group for MOCIS has been established and each hospital involved has nominated a Project Lead. Monthly progress meetings have been held with the hospital leads.

In April 2017 the contract was awarded to Becton Dickinson (BD) Austria GmbH for a Medical Oncology Clinical Management System (MOCIS).  This contract award follows an EU Procurement process.  As the prime contractor BD will work with their partners, as set out in their proposal, to provide the MOCIS solution.  This solution will include a Closed Loop Prescribing module, Multi Disciplinary Meetings capability, Patient Systemic Anti Cancer Therapy records and Communications Engine facilities.

Work will start on the MOCIS in early 2017 and the overall project will take 4 years to deliver. 

Announcement of contract award