Stakeholder Engagement

Clinical Engagement

Clinical engagement is a significant part of the eHealth Ireland programme. The CIO of the HSE has placed the focus at the heart of the new structure of technology delivery ensuring that the operating model reflects the HSE's own clinical structures..

Dr. Áine Carroll, National Director Clinical Strategy and Programmes for the HSE sets out the interdependence of clinical improvement and eHealth:

In order to deliver truly patient centred, safe and excellent integrated care, we need integrated information management and technology. Technology allows better access to accurate information, quick and efficient sharing of patient information which releases more time to treat patients. It allows access to potentially life-saving patient information and faster access to relevant information. Perhaps more importantly, it allows individuals to better manage their own health and become active participants in planning for their own needs. In short, connected health is better health.

Prof Frank Murray, President of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, welcomed the new HSE knowledge and information strategy as an important initiative to improve patient care. 

“Using technology in this way can  greatly improve patient safety which is always our priority. Having easy access to the correct patient information at the right time will help to better inform doctors about the right course of treatment and care for each individual.  This could ultimately allow doctors to spend more time with patients and give the patients themselves greater participation in their care. “