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Infrastructure &Technology

Jack SomersJack Somers is the Director of Infrastructure and Technology for the Office of the CIO. Jack joined the newly formed National Government CDPS in the 70s. At that time a key element of the workings of the centre was to build new solutions for the emerging health boards. Jack worked with the Department of Health where he built and deployed the first UNIX based system in the Public Sector in the BTSB. Jack was also a Board member of the Information Society Commission which prepared the blueprint for Ireland’s digital development.

As Director of Support Services at the former Southern Health Board, Jack developed a strategy to harness technologies to support healthcare delivery, which won citations from the European Commission. Jack has delivered technologies, systems and services to support health and personal social care delivery, including leading a range of successful, multi-national European programmes and projects, including the first Teleradiology service in Ireland. He led a collaborative programme with the European Space Agency to build an Emergency Control & Command service which was adopted by the National Ambulance Service and is in place nationwide today.

Jack leads the Infrastructure and Technology team which is responsible for the delivery of all infrastructure and technical services to support and drive the technology strategy and innovation to enable better patient and service outcomes.

What is Infrastructure and Technology?

As part of the Knowledge and Information vision of the OoCIO, we are working together towards moving away from treating ICT in HSE as something separate from the “business” of the delivery of health care. Technology enables the business to work in a flexible and mobile way, in the interest of business process efficiency and quality. Infrastructure and Technology is an enabling resource to support and drive the technology strategy and innovation to enable better patient and service outcomes.

Infrastructure and Technology function is accountable for:

  • Provisioning infrastructure in response to user or application project requests for service
  • Delivery of all infrastructure and technical services, including vendor provided services
  • Mitigating security risks, eg server hardening, perimeter security/firewalls, device security
  • Managing infrastructure refresh, transformation or enablement projects including those delivered by vendors      

Infrastructure and Technology works to best practice and standards to:

  • Deliver excellence
  • Run services and keep systems ‘on’
  • Establish and maintain Quality Assurance framework and standards
  • Manage risks (and incidents)
  • Assure benefits
  • Satisfy communities of interest
  • Support the development of the eHealth ecosystem in Ireland
  • Support a culture of innovation and emerging technologies optimisation

Consolidation Activities :

  • End User Computing
  • Networks and Communications
  • Data Center and Hosting
  • Middleware and Platforms
  • Technical Security
  • IT Operational Risk

Where are we in the transition process?

  • Understanding the roles, functions, activities and responsibilities of Infrastructure and Technology 
  • Reviewing existing operations and processes and plan for transition to the new operating model
  • Refining Infrastructure and Technology delivery and capacity planning to underpin, facilitate and contribute to consolidated solutions for Care Delivery - Enablement