Staff Digital Identity Information

Getting All Staff Connected

“I want the HSE to have a more digitally connected workforce.  The modern healthcare system must value connectivity highly and we need to embrace this in every way we can.  In investing in our staff, and supporting them with the tools they need, we in turn are better able to provide a safer, more efficient and ultimately better service to our patients and to the public.” Tony O'Brien, Director General, HSE

What do we mean by ‘Getting All Staff Connected’ (the Digital Identity Project)?

At this time, there are thousands of HSE staff that do not have a digital identity. This means they are not digitally connected to the organisation overall and, in a lot of cases, have no way of electronically communicating with their own work colleagues. We are working hard to have a process prepared by the end of 2016 that will put this Digital Identity in place, meaning that these staff can then become connected, initially through email, in order to become better digital contributors to the health service in Ireland.  In addition to receiving a digital identity and access to email, staff working in our Acute, Primary and Community Care settings will be encouraged to participate in Change Management workshops which will allow them to identify the IT tools (software and /or hardware) to support them in their roles.  The HSE will work closely with staff and service providers (hardware / software / training ) to ensure that the right device is provided to staff and access to the network is available when and where required.

Digital Identity Image 1This is exciting but what will it mean for me?

We believe investing in technology for all staff will:

  1. Give you secure email
  2. Give you access to calendar sharing
  3. Give you access to online payroll
  4. Give you access quickly to communications from other parts of the HSE
  5. Make it easier to communicate with other colleagues especially in different locations/ divisions/ disciplines
  6. Make it easier to stay up to date with policies and practices in your workplace
  7. Give you access to other productivity and collaboration tools.
  8. Facilitate future access to the EHR (Electronic Health Record)

Being more digitally connected within the HSE means that we can communicate more effectively, with each other and with our patients and the public. 

What's next? 

Information will be rolled out at a local level about all aspects of this project including how to get your digital identity, how to use it, where to go if you have a problem, and what training is available.

The project is being led out by the HSE’s Chief Information Officer, Mr Richard Corbridge and eHealth Ireland.

"This is a great opportunity to get all of our staff digitally connected.  We are committed to delivering on our Knowledge and Information Plan to provide a secure information structure.  We are all aware of the significant contribution that IT is making in providing innovative solutions within healthcare.  Equally we know that the pace of advance and development is accelerating.  We want all our staff to be connected and to be facilitated and empowered to participate, belong and ensure our patients and our public are the ultimate benefactors." Richard Corbridge