eHealth Ireland Open Data Commended in Digital Economist

We were delighted to see eHealth Ireland mentioned in the digital economist article  - How openness can transform society. The article speaks about how digital technology has the potential to address Europe’s social challenges by opening them up to scrutiny, participation and innovation. eHealth Ireland gets commended on its open data policy and open data portal in the article, which is a great recognition of the work that has been done in this area. The article speaks about open data and its ability to boost accountability and participation, while also increasing governments’ own awareness and co-ordination and as a great source of useful information. This is increasingly seen as a platform for entrepreneurial innovation. The Open Data policy and platforms are heralded as routes to address challenges such as silos and lack of collaboration between departments, where data can be structured according to organisational divisions in government rather than ease of use and understanding. Privacy is also a legitimate concern but can be addressed.


The article also speaks to two other great initiatives that are making an impact on society. The first is platform democracy and encouraging a more open and participatory democracy which we have tackled in many ways this year including the creation of the personas, the EHR Personas are intended to represent the ehealth capabilities required to support the delivery of potential future care. and to demonstrate the possibilities that the EHR capabilities can help realise. These personas were created by collaborating with over 500 patients, citizens and health care professionals. IPPOSI a patient-led organisation involved in the creation of the personas said:


From the patient perspective, these clinically-validated Personas and Scenarios are quite brilliant in making the benefits of Electronic Health Records very real.  In IPPOSI, we envisage these as forming the cornerstone of the future engagement and communication processes between Irish clinicians, health service workers & patients which will make a National Electronic Health Record a reality in Ireland.”


persona image 20.12.18_

The third is digital social innovation, where we work with other organisations, collaborating to solve challenges. This is a innovative way to bolster a creative community whose goal is to tackle these social issues. Building on the ecosystem, foundations and relationships already there, eHealth Ireland will be leveraging the power of collaborative sense making to stay attune to the ever changing environment. Our open data policy and portal is there to encourage openness and transparency. 2018 also sees us expanding our research based mindset utilising our strong links with the academic, research and start up community. We are continuing with collaboration projects with the EU to promote knowledgesharing of best practices . eHealth Ireland is also committed to continuing the great work developed with the personas project to accelerate the digital inclusion agenda by collaborating with citizens and health care professionals to increase awareness of the art of the possible with eHealth.

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