Voting for the #HIT100 has begun

Voting for the #HIT100 has begun. It is a great initiative which aims to recognise the contribution your friends and colleagues have made to IT in Health through their tweets and blogs. This is a fun way to get to know other health influencers. The first #HIT100 was started by Michael Planchart, and it has since become an annual event.

In order to make the nominations meaningful, all nominations should include the person being nominated, the #HIT100 hashtag, and a short phrase or hashtag identifying why you’re nominating that person.


Here is an example of a nomination:

#HIT100 update

Do you want to join in with this fun initiative? Here’s the official rules for the event everyone should follow.

1. Twitter accounts must have existed prior to the event.

2. The nomination process is completely socially biased.

3. RTs will be counted if they include the required elements.

4. Thank you RTs by the person being nominated will not be counted, but are encouraged. If you remove the nomination from your tweet you’ll have more room to show thanks without cluttering the stream.

5. There will only be one round of voting.

6. Please do not include the #HITsm or other hashtags unless they apply to the person(s) being nominated. Be conscious of unnecessarily adding tweets to everyone’s stream.

7. Nominations will be counted at the sole discretion of the hosts and anyone else is welcome to chop up, analyze, the nominations however they see fit as well. This is for fun anyway, so don’t stress it.

8. Last but not least, you must have lots of fun!