Primary Care Reimbursement Service Publishes Open Health Data


As part of the HSE’s Open Data Strategic Programme, the Primary Care Reimbursement Service (PCRS) has published 9 new datasets including:

  • The number of items per claim form, for each scheme (annual).
  • The number of PCRS contractors who provide services to the HSE (monthly).
  • The number persons with Medical / GP Visit card eligibility (monthly).
  • The number of Optical claims submitted to PCRS for payment each month (monthly).
  • The figures for the cost of claims submitted by high-tech wholesalers and manufacturers to PCRS for payment each month (monthly).
  • The number of persons who hold eligibility under the GMS and Primary Care schemes by CHO area (monthly).
  • Payments made to Community Pharmacists in respect of Dispensing Fees (monthly).
  • The number of Special Type Consultations, Special Items of Service, Fee per Item and Out of Hours claims each month by CHO area (monthly).
  • The number of persons under 16 who hold eligibility for a Medical Card under the Domiciliary Care Allowance Scheme (daily).

The PCRS is responsible for making payments to healthcare professionals, like doctors, dentists and pharmacists, for the free or reduced costs services they provide to the public, and also responsible for managing the processing of Medical Card and GP Visit Card applications and for assessing eligibility at a national level. In addition, the PCRS compiles statistics and trend analyses which are provided to other areas within the HSE, the Government, customers, stakeholders and to members of the public.

View and download the PCRS datasets on the eHealth Ireland Open Data Portal These datasets are published under the the CC-By 4.0 Open Licence.