Pink Socks at Health Innovation Week 2017

pinksocks1Pink Socks will be at Health Innovation Week 2017. Yes, pink socks.

What are pink socks? Actually, it’s not just about the socks. It's a movement, its a tribe, it’s a new group of friends!

In the words of the Pinksocks founder, Nick Adkins, the pinksocks tribe is  

‘united in changing the world from the ground up, with heart speak, hugs, and gifting. We’re a group of people with a common belief that we can do our part to make a positive impact on the world and change it for the better. We’re a community that is made of individual missions, and we’re looking forward to celebrating & sharing yours!'

The #PinkSocks movement began in healthcare, and is now growing in all kinds of industries around the world! 

'We’re all about working together to activate solutions to help move us forward and out of the mess that healthcare has found itself in. Politics, bureaucracies, and legacy systems have unfortunately done the polar opposite of what each of us as humans want……which is to be connected!' added Nick 

#PinkSocks  2.0 is being rolled out in Europe for the first time at Health Innovation Week 2017! The power of #PinkSocks is bringing people together. #PinkSocks allows you to connect with someone new that had you not have been wearing your pink socks that day the two of you would have missed each other in the universe. So, when someone comments on your pink socks, that’s the universe tapping you on the shoulder providing an opportunity to connect. 

Speaking about being part of the #PinkSocks tribe Richard Corbridge said;

“#PinkSocks for me is the way to connect with a new group of friends, a new group of peers and a way to build a group of people you can turn to for support, advice and some fun. All of the speakers at Health Innovation Week 2017 will be offered the opportunity to join the #PinkSocks tribe creating a legacy for the Health Innovation Week 2017. Watch out for #PinkSocks at the innovation week, if you see a pair it’s the universe tapping you on the shoulder at #EH2030”  

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