Making handover transparent

baton being passedTransition to a new role is always challenging. eHealth Ireland has a new interim CIO (Jane Carolan) picking up the reins in mid-November with Richard Corbridge’s departure to the NHS.

Jane and Richard have agreed to use the power of social media to ensure that the transition of the role can be seen by every stakeholder of eHealth Ireland. From Monday the 9th of October Richard and Jane will tweet each day using #HandoverCIO. The content they will put out will be about the process of handing over, the success stories that have been seen and the way they are together mitigating the risks that a change of leadership brings to a digital agenda.  

As Richard begins to pick up some elements of his new role at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust he will also be commenting on the differences between the two digital agendas and the lessons that can be taken from Ireland to Yorkshire.

Each week the stories will be collated for the eHealth Ireland Facebook and the two leaders will record a video message describing what they have learnt, how they are feeling and how the transition is going.

Monday will be T-37 to the team having a new CIO, these are exciting times with a lot for us all to learn together.


Upcoming event: 

Richard & Jane will meet with partners on the morning of 25th October in a location in Dublin City Centre to give an update and answer any questions.

If you wish to register for this event, please click here. Please note that numbers are limited for this event, so we will confirm your attendance by email. 

Disclaimer: The objective of this meeting is to facilitate open and transparent communication between the CIO of the HSE (both outgoing & interim) and partners. Please note that attending this event does not alter the existing terms which apply to all commercial arrangements entered into by the HSE. All HSE Procurement policies, procedures and applicable legislation applies.