Huge engagement on Twitter with Innovation Showcase 2017

Yesterday's Innovation Showcase 2017, part of Health Innovation Week was a fantastic day. We'll soon be sharing a digital magazine covering all events from Health Innovation Week and if you want to receive this or get our updates, please sign up here.  The Innovation Showcase was not just active in Dublin Castle, but also online. There was a huge amount of coverage from attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and we tried to capture as much of the energy and excitement and share that! If you want to look back on the day or if you missed it, there's a storify link here  showing a curated selection of tweets with highlights from the day. 

You can get an idea of the energy online by looking at these analytics but in short, 379 people sent over 1,300 tweets, getting over 4.8 million impressions [an impression is the number of times a user is served a Tweet in timeline or search results] Huge thanks to all who contributed, participated both online and who came along on the day! 

Analytics for 23.10.17